In the year 1944, the Anaesthesiologists attending a surgical conference at Mumbai (Bombay) thought of forming a common platform for exchange of scientific views, which was consolidated in 1946 following "Ether Day" celebrations in October of that year. With the continued efforts of leading Anaesthesiologists of India, the Indian Society Anaesthesiologists was born on 30th December 1947.

The Society started as joint organisation with the Surgical-Obstetric Society of India. The founder members of the Society were
Dr.Ambardekar G.S. Mumbai Dr. Bhargava V.B. Mumbai
Dr. Talwalkar G.S. Mumbai Dr. Barat H.G. Calcutta
Dr. Chatterjee S.K. Calcutta Dr. Sur P.B. Calcutta
Dr. Bakshi S.K. Delhi Dr. Dhameja P.D. Delhi
Dr. Satyendra Singh Delhi Dr. Chandrasekhar N. Delhi
Dr. Prasad N. Delhi Dr. B.N.Sircar Mumbai

The torchbearers of the office were Dr. M.N. Desai (President), Dr. B.N. Sircar (Hon Secretary) and Dr. G.S. Talwalkar (Hon. Treasurer), (1949-51).

Amritsar City has historical and religious importance and is a popular tourist place and has an exponential growth in medical centres over the last decade. The aim of the society is primarily to enhance the scientific and academic status of anaesthesiologists in our region and provide an opportunity for wider interaction amongst us.The society is conducting various programs for anaesthesiologists, critical care specialists, post graduates, best practice guidelines, some controversial issues, current and latest update in anaesthesia and newer techniques/ aspects for practising anaesthesiologists and young medical graduates/ post graduates. In this regard the creation of this society and starting an educational venture, like this is a welcome step. We hope all anaesthesiologists in Amritsar will come forward and participate in its activities to their maximal best.Often the society discuss progress in research, development, standards and application of the topics related to anaesthesia, critical care and pain management.