Name of The Society:

Name of the Society shall be: "Society of Anaesthesiologists SA"


Membership of Society is open to any person who has attained the age of majority and fulfill the terms & conditions of Society (framed by the Governing Body/General Body from time to time) but subject to the approval of Governing Body of Society Note: If the membership is not approved by the Governing Body of the Society, the reason of refusal shall be communicated to the person/applicant concerned.

Annual Fee & Subscription:

Annual Fee and Subscription shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the Governing Body of the Society:

From all members: Rs 3000/- per year

From all Post graduates: Rs 2000/- per year

Termination or Cessation of Membership:

Governing Body of Society shall have powers to expel/terminate a member or/and members, from the membership of the above Society, on the following grounds:

  • on death,
  • on written resignation,
  • if found to be involved in any anti social activities,
  • if adjudged by any court of law to be a criminal offen der or of unsound mind,
  • if found guilty by means of anti propaganda of Aims and Objects of the Society,
  • if fails to pay the subscription of contribution within three months from due Date,
  • if has not attended three consecutive meetings without proper intimation to one or more of the society office bearers.
  • if disregards Rules & Regulations or disobey the decisions of Society.

Note: The decision of the Governing Body regarding the termination from the membership of the Society, shall be communicated to the member concerned. The President has the power to nominate another office bearer in such circumstances as resignation, death, termination etc.

General Body Defined:

All the members of the Society will constitute the General Body of the Society.

General Body:

Governing Body of Society shall have powers to expel/terminate a member or/and members, from the membership of the above Society, on the following grounds:

  • Notice:- Minimum '15' days notice shall be given to the members, before the Date of General Body Meeting, enclosing agenda specifying Date, Time, Place and issues to be discussed.
  • Meeting:- General Body Meeting shall be held once in every year regularly, first can be after 3 years (given to setting time of the society).
  • Quorum:- Quorum of General Body Meeting shall be 2/3 (two third).

Rights & Privileges of Members:

All and every member of the Society:

  • Shall be entitled to participate in meetings, cultural/educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called/arranged by the Society.

Governing Body:

All and every member of the Society:

  • Strength: The Strength of Governing Body (including office bearers and executive member) shall not be less than 7 and not more than 21.
  • Term: The Term of every Governing Body shall be THREE YEARS.
  • Notice: Minimum 7 days notice shall be required for Governing Body Meeting.
  • Quorum: Quorum of every Governing Body Meeting shall be 2/3 (two third) of the total strength of the Governing Body (including office bearers and executive member).
  • Meeting: Governing Body Meeting of the Society shall be held as and when the Governing Body of Society may decide from time to time.

Functions & Powers of Governing Body:

Governing Body shall be responsible for the management and administration of all affairs of the Society, and is also authorised to appoint any office bearer/executive member to look after any particular activity. Governing Body shall have also the following powers:

  • To take necessary steps for the implementation of all the programs and policies drawn by the General Body.
  • To pass the necessary expenditure to meet the day to day requirements of the Society.
  • To take decisions on applications for new membership.
  • To prepare plans, projects and programs.
  • To appoint committee(s) for disposal of any business of the Society or for advise in any matter pertaining to the Society.
  • To appoint Returning Officer and his/her powers to complete election process.
  • To arrange and receive loan from any Bank(s) or from any other legal entity or individual(s) on reasonable terms and conditions, the Governing Body as a whole shall be liable for its return.
  • To accept donations, grants, gifts, contributions, subscriptions and endowments.
  • To establish and collect funds and accept donations in cash or in kind and utilise the same for the purpose of Society.
  • To receive money, securities, instruments and or any other movable property for and on behalf of Society.
  • To take all such other legal steps for smooth/better management of Society.

Composition of The Governing Body:

The composition of the Governing Body (Office Bearers and Executive members) shall be as under:

Sr.No. Headings
1 Patrons
2 President
3 Vice President
4 Secretary
5 Treasurer
6 Scientific Committee chairman
7 Executive Members
8 Advisors


He or She is the Head of the association responsible for overall functioning of the society.


  • Shall chair and regulate the working of the general body.
  • Shall chair and regulate the working of the executive council.
  • Shall present the annual report to the General body.
  • Shall preside over proceedings of the annual conference.
  • Shall call upon mid term meeting as when called for.
  • Shall represent the society in government dealings.
  • Shall be responsible for discipline of the society.
  • Shall coorrdinate the activities and functions of the sub committee if any.
  • Shall closely supervise the newsletter/bulletin activities (financial).
  • Shall closely coordinate the financiers of the association.
  • Shall perform such other duties as provided in the bylaws.


The president so elected shall be the life member of the society and should be actively involved in anaesthesia.


From 2015, the term of the President will be one year commencing at the close of the annual meeting following the next annual meeting. Will continue as Ex-officio for a period of one year. Term of secretary and treasurer will be for three years.


Vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled automatically by the Senior VP in order of succession.

Sr. Vice President:

He/She is the second senior most executive official.


  • He/She will be responsible for the academic activities of the association.
  • He/She will be chairman of the scientific sessions of the annual conferences.
  • He/she will closely oversee the activities of the newsletter/bulletin
  • He/she will be responsible for the periodic release of the news bulletin in close co-operation with secretary.
  • He/She will be the spokesperson for the scientific activities.
  • Will be directly responsible for the conduct of scientific proceedings of the annual conference.
  • Will be responsible for all the responsibilities of the president in case of vacancy of the presidential post. This term will be for the remaining period. This however will not debar him/her for the automatic elevation to the post of President in his own term.


Life member / Active participation for a minimum period of 3 years in a five year cycle.


The Sr. VP becomes the President after the Founder President finishes.

Scientific Committee Chairperson:

He/she is the elected official of the society.


  • Life member
  • Actively involved in practice of the specialty of cardiac anaesthesia.
  • Should have high interest in academics.
  • 2018 onwards to be nominated from institute organizing the annual conference.


2 year from 2019 onwards


  • To organize and arrange the scientific content of annual meeting (once a year) and periodic scientific meetings. (8 per year)
  • To advise the institution branch holding the conference of the academic and scientific content of the presentations
  • To advise the secretary and the team members about the nature of scientific proceedings of the organizations such that the academic pursuit of the ISA Amritsar City Branch


Secretary is the executive official of the association entrusted with job of handling all the official documents of the association.


Should be a life member of ISA & actively involved in anaesthesia.


3 years


  • He/she serves as official correspondent of the association
  • He/she is directly and indirectly responsible for all the official matters of the association.
  • He/she will maintain the records of the membership of the association.
  • He/she will maintain close liaison between the various functionaries of the association.
  • He/she will be working in close association with the treasurer as a team.
  • He/she will maintain the laws and by laws of the association and changes as approved by general body meeting will be informed and ratified by the registrar of the society.
  • He/she will arrange for mid term meetings if any in close liaison with the President.
  • On behalf of the President, he or she will be guiding the organising secretary of the annual meets.
  • He/she will be keeping the members well informed with activities of the society through news letter in close association with Sr. VP.
  • He/she will send the notice for election of various posts in month of September through a news letter defining the eligibility criteria and tenure.
  • He/she will give due notice through news letter about the annual meets
  • He/she will maintain the minutes of general body meeting.
  • He/she will present the report of the association at the general body meeting.
  • He/she will closely coordinate all the activities of the association.
  • He/she will be the organising chairperson of the scientific meeting and annual conference for a period of three years, along with the Head of department of the rotational institute involved in the annual conference for that year.
  • He/she is the executive head of the association in activation, coordination of all activities of the association
  • To maintain an attendance register of the conference
  • To maintain attendance register of the general body meeting.
  • To issue eligibility slip for voters clearing election.
  • To arrange for conduct of elections..
  • He/she will be the Ex-officio member alongwith president, for period of one year


He/she is the elected official of the society.


  • Life member
  • Actively involved in practice of the speciality of anaesthesia.


3 years


  • As a treasurer of the association it is his responsibility to maintain a record of receipts and expense of the society, duly audited by internal auditors and chartered account.
  • He/she present the duly audited account at the General body meeting.
  • He/she will maintain the account of all donations and gifts.
  • He/she will submit the receipt of subscription by members of the association.
  • In case of unforeseen vacancy in treasurer the responsibility will be taken over by the secretary till a suitable arrangement is made by the president.

Funding of the newsletter/bulletin will be from the following:-

  • Partly from subscription of members
  • Advertisement
  • Donations
  • Gifts
  • Part of the savings from annual meets

Executive Committee:

  • Officers of the Society together with minimum 7 members along with immediate past president shall constitute executive committee of the Society.
  • Tenure of the executive committee be ordinarily one Society year.
  • The executive committee is vested with the general administration and shall conduct the affairs in conformity with the constitution.
  • E.C. shall exercise general control and supervision over the officers.
  • E.C. shall scrutinize all proposals for membership and elect accordingly.
  • E.C. shall recommend from time to time the rate of subscription to different categories of membership.
  • E.C. shall determine the size of the secretary's contingency fund and treasurer's contingency fund.
  • E.C. shall frame bylaws for the smooth functioning of the Society and take steps to delete or add rules and regulations in accordance with prescribed procedure.
  • E.C. may withdraw the privileges of the membership.
  • Without prejudice to the G.B. the E.C. may exercise Powers as under.
    • To appoint committees, commissions sub committees, and delegate certain functions and powers as may be necessary.
    • To nominate full members of the Society to the editorial board.
    • To purchase, hire, take on lease or build, hold land buildings machineries, plants, furniture's, vehicles, books and other movable and immovable properties that may be found necessary or advantageous to the Society, for and in the name of the Society, and to sell, rent lease or mortgage any such property for the benefit of the Society.
    • To receive grants, funds by membership fees, donations, subscriptions and any other benefactions in the name of the Society.
    • To constitute trusts, foundations or to create endowments for specific activity funds of the Society and to invest the part of funds of the Society in such securities and in such manner as may be deemed beneficial to the interest of the Society.
    • To issue certificates, diplomas, or to give prize awards or confer honours.
    • To engage officials or other staff persons paid or honorary as may be found necessary the affairs of the Society.
  • Executive committee with approval of the general body may borrow guarantee raise or procure money from finance institutions for carrying on the activities of the Society
  • The executive committee shall meet atleast twice in a year and at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the general body meeting.
  • The E.C. or any of its members shall not be held responsible for the damage to or loss of any property or funds of the Society incurred as a result of action taken in good faith.
  • Shall fill up the vacancies in the executive committee caused by the death or removal from office.


In case, any member of the Society is expelled by the Governing Body on the reason of Non-Payment of the subscription, he can be re-admitted, provided the member concerned pays all upto Date dues with the permission of the Governing Body.


All the appeals shall be referred to General Body. Decision of General Body shall be final. The decision of the General Body shall be communicated to the member concerned.

Filling Up Of Casual Vacancies:

Any casual vacancy, amongst office bearers & executive members of Governing Body, shall be filled by the resolution passed by the Governing Body. Such appointment(s) shall be confirmed by the General Body in its coming General Body Meeting and decision of The President is Final.

Branches & Sub-Committees:

Governing Body, in its meeting, shall form the Sub-Committees for Education and other superspeciality topics related to anaesthesia, to attain the aims and objects of the society to attain the Aims and Objects of the Society.

Sources Of Income:

All the income of Society (received from all sources) shall be utilised only for the promotion/upliftment of Aims and Objects. Sources of Income of Society are:- Admission Fee, Subscription from members of Society, Donations and Special Contributions etc.

Financial Year:

Financial year shall be from 1st. Day of April to 31st. March, every year.


  • Funds of the Society shall comprise of
    • Subscription collected from members
    • Annual contributions
    • Donations from public
    • Any other grants, if any, from Govt.
    • The scientific proceedings maybe sponsored by the sponsors from industry or the host institution
  • Financial year of the Society shall be from 1st April to 31st March of next year.

Management of Funds & Accounts Operation:

Entire amount shall be kept in any Bank(s), where the Governing Body/General Body may decide from time to time. Bank Accounts shall be operated by Joint Signatures of any two office bearers from PRESIDENT, GENERAL SECRETARY and TREASURER.


Accounts of Society shall be audited by qualified auditor (C.A.) every year.

Administration of The Association:

For administration purpose the G B will elect the following at the annual GBM

  • Office Bearers : Scientific Committee Chairperson, Assoc. VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Editor
  • Executive council comprising of office from each major hospital of Delhi, dealing with Cardiac Anaesthesia. 10 to 12 in number.
  • Chair: President will chair all the meetings
  • Ex offico members: Immediate past president and immediate past secretary

Professional Activities Of The Association:

CME/workshop/refresher courses:

Member delegates are free to organise such scientific meets with the concurrence of the scientific council. Such scientific activities should preferably be held in the middle of the year and should not clash with the annual conference of the society. Care should be taken that it does not become parallel to the annual conference

Annual conference:

For administration purpose the G B will elect the following at the annual GBM

  • Should be in the month of July every year
  • Proposal to hold the annual conference is forward at least 2-3 years in advance and approved by GB.
  • Composition
    • The executive council comprising of President, Sr. VP, Assoc VP, Secretary, Treasurer and Chief Editor
    • Organising committee of the conference comprising of chairperson, scientific chairperson, patron and org. Secretary
    • The committee members for the following, local arrangements including reception, accommodation, transport, catering, souvenir, local sight seeing and scientific exhibition and entertainment.
    • Scientific conference committee to be presided by Sr VP
    • Committee for funds: Co-ordinating members: President, Secretary and Treasurer
    • Committee for award of honours and fellowship, Co-ordinated and presided over by the President.
  • Ex offico members: Immediate past president and immediate past secretary

Annual List of Governing Body:

Once in every year a list of the Office-Bearers and the Executive Members (of the Governing Body) shall be filed in the office of the Registrar of Societies (Delhi), as it is required under Sec. 4 of "S. R. ACT, OF 1860".


If Society needs to be dissolved, it shall be dissolved as per-provisions laid down under the Sec. 13 & 14 of "SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, OF 1860".

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the society there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of society, but shall be given or transferred to some other society, having similar objects like this society, to be determined by the members of the society at or before the time of dissolution.

Legal Proceedings:

Society may sue and/or be sued in the name of President and/or General Secretary as per provisions laid down under Sec. 6 of the "SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, OF 1860".


Any amendment in Memorandum, Rules and Regulations will be carried out in accordance with Section 12 & 12-A of the "SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, OF 1860".

Essential Certificate:

Certified that this is the correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Society